Divle Obruk Cheese

Antre Gourmet

Divle Obruk cheese is obtained from sheep and goat milk fed with the unique natural vegetation in the plateaus such as Okluca, Karakuyu, Düden, Kurucen, Çeşnir, Sugözü, Divle, located on the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. The milk of sheep and goats grazing with herbs such as thyme, juniper, wild clover, crocus, chamomile, sorrel, fodder and poppy in these plateaus is collected and the cheese is produced with natural shirdan yeast. The goat skin used as packaging has a miraculous protection maturation feature proven by scientific research. Naturally packaged cheese is kept for months to mature. It is soft, moderaltely salty, and has a unique taste and aroma.

Portion 100 gr.
Energy( kJ /kcal) 1461/351
Fat(g) 24,8
Saturated Fat(g) 17,3
Carbohydrate(g) 0,5
Sugar(g) 0,4
Fiber(g) 0
Protein(g) 31,5
Salt(g) 3,5

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